Feather Flags: Waving High Signage for Sporting Events & More

What are feather flags? Searching for an out-of-the-box way to promote your business? Otherwise known as pennant banners, feather flags are designed to wave in the air and catch attention! As a spirited option to get in front of the customer, they’re a budget-friendly way to increase a business’s visibility and make the perfect wayfinding […] See More

June 28, 2021

Suspended Banners & Ceiling Displays: A Trade Show Must Have

Want to promote your business in a flashy, unique way that will grab everyone’s attention? Then a suspended banner from Design 4 Inc. is the best option for you!  Made in all colors and shapes, these banners can be hung just about anywhere! Customers love how easy it is to set up and tear down […] See More

June 28, 2021

Safety Signage: Create Safe Environments for at Work

Creating a safe environment for workers and civilians starts with awareness. Catching passersby’s attention with eye-catching signage, warning them of potential dangers, and informing them on how to proceed will identify avoidable hazards of any site. These warning and safety signs must also meet customary laws to ensure user accessibility. At Design 4 Inc, we […] See More

June 15, 2021

Corporate Branding Signs Help Express Core Values

Your company is unique, and its signage should reflect your core values. Whether people are walking past your building for the first time, sitting in the lobby, or navigating its halls, maintaining a consistent identity through signage enforces your brand and sets the tone for the work culture within.  Branding signs range from categories in […] See More

June 15, 2021

Wall Letters: Branding With Effective Solutions

 Branding your building by putting a company logo on the front, marking different areas of a public facility, or making announcements that everyone will see are all common projects that need effective solutions. Wall letters are an affordable solution that can effectively fulfill a variety of purposes to deliver information. They can be customized to […] See More

June 15, 2021

SOLD! Why Realtors Choose US for Real Estate Signage Needs

Real Estate Signage makes long lasting relationships while maximizing profits! Competition is fierce in real estate, and reaching new audiences must be the top priority to succeed. Online searches do not always bring up a house on the market, so sale signs are an effective way to generate leads.  Using signs to market to your […] See More

June 15, 2021

Standoff Signs Grab Attention in Business & Buildings

When seeking to grab the attention of passersby with a sign, customizing different characteristics like color, size, and shape are often the first taken into consideration. While these elements are essential to elevating a design, additional techniques are unique to specific products that can make a sign stand out even more. Standoff signs do this […] See More

June 15, 2021

Floor Graphics: High Traffic Signage

Floor Graphics Also known as floor decals or floor stickers, floor graphics are affordable solutions to guiding customers through facilities, highlighting products and services, alerting people to hazards, and maintaining order. Amidst COVID, they remain an effective tool in directing the flow of foot traffic and reminding visitors to a social distance for the safety […] See More

June 3, 2021