New Signage! Many of us take time during the holiday season to show love to others. Whether through gift giving or spending time with loved ones, it is the time of year that we show appreciation. However, one person tends to get lost in the mix. Have you guessed it? It’s YOU! Some new nice-smelling candles or that new game console you’ve been eyeing may feel like perfect gifts for yourself, but candles burn for a few hours, and then they are gone. Games get boring after a while.

 A gift that you can get continual benefits from for the rest of the year may not be as flashy or as obvious. One gift that you may not have thought about is new signage for your business! New Signage for your business will not only boost your bottom line in the long run but will also reinvigorate your passion for your business. Refresh yourself and your business this holiday season. 

Here are some reasons why new signage is the best gift to give yourself as a business owner! 

Marks the new year

Start the year with a new look! The new year is a great time to refresh your signage. Show your customers that your business is dynamic. 

Signs are still how most people find a business. 

Even with the advent of google maps, customers may breeze past your business if you do not have effective signage. So be sure to also reach out to potential customers in this simple way. Attractive new signage is sure to turn heads. 

Cost-effective marketing

Signs are STILL one of the most cost-effective marketing tools there is. So before investing in other areas of marketing, consider how signage can help you meet these goals more cost-effectively. 

Taps into impulse purchasing

Signs help generate impulse purchases. That’s a fact. They also draw in customers that are unfamiliar with your business. 

Stay in your customer’s mind

An attractive sign will stay in the mind long after they have looked away. 

Promotions and generating impulse buys

Signs serve as silent sellers. According to a study from the University of Cincinnati, replacing or adding signage can increase sales by at least 10%. Be sure that your customers are aware of any promotions you have in this simple way. 

Refresh your brand or business image 

Maybe it’s time to change some aspects of your business. Signage can facilitate changes and mark new beginnings. You now have more options than ever to express your brand image creatively. With new signs, you can easily demonstrate a new face to your customers. 

Attract new customers with new signage

You probably have one or two routes that you drive regularly. Then, all of a sudden, you notice a business that you’ve seen a thousand times before because of a shiny new sign. That could be you! You can pull attention from passers-by that have placed your business in their background. 

Better energy savings and inexpensive maintenance

Reduce future headaches with more reliable signs while saving money on energy and maintenance. 

Put your best foot forward in the new year. Be ready to say, “new year, new signs!” Give us a call or send us a message. Our design team can help you put together something in no time.