It’s that season in which we are looking to make plans for the upcoming year. Decisions on how to allocate budgets are soon due. What does your budget for sign improvement look like? How can signage help you meet your goals?

It’s likely you already have Updated Signage in place throughout your municipality that are at best “ok” at meeting your specific needs. However, many are likely failing to meet the needs of your community. Innovative signage can not only reinvigorate your area but also support the public safely throughout your community and in your municipal buildings. 

New signage can help meet your goals in the coming year by:  

Enhancing accessibility

Poor environment or information contributes to disenfranchisement, which means that many won’t be able to access the public realm. Be sure that each member of your community has equitable access. Signage designed with a wide variety of people in mind can help remedy this. 

Supporting community engagement 

Lobby and reception area Updated Signage supports community engagement and operational efficiency and leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Office signs need to be high quality, tidy and striking to convey trust and harmony.

Take the opportunity to orient visitors while branding at the same time in your courthouse, police station, and other buildings. Better signage, like banners in these areas command respect and directs visitors as they honor the services being provided. 

Updated Signage Helps Reduce Congestion and Clutter

Whether wayfinding signage in a busy office or along driving routes, clear and understandable signage will improve traffic flow. Legible reliable signage makes visitors feel welcome, safe and helps give them a great experience. By reducing congestion and clutter, you also revamp existing movement networks in your municipality.   

Supporting local communities 

Wayfinding benefits residents, businesses, and visitors to your area. It creates a more accessible city that encourages exploration. Increase foot traffic as people become “comfortably lost” in your area, knowing that they can rely on wayfinding signage to get around. With a wayfinding system in place, you can also more easily connect people with other modes of transportation and connect more parts of the city for greater unity. 

Support Safety Practices

Be sure to be OSHA compliant in regards to requirements for safety signage. Increase security by limiting access to certain areas. Visually communicate security measures and tell visitors and personnel of off-limit areas. 

Improve overall health

People have more access to your community with proper signage, so they may want to explore more on foot. As a result, they are contributing to a more active and healthy lifestyle.


Proper signage encourages more sustainable modes of travel and the use of public transportation. Consider that signage for public transit is not only for information but an opportunity to advertise these services. Attractive, easy-to-understand signage can vitalize the use of public transport. This reduces the use of cars and lowers greenhouse gas emissions and pollution! 

Be sure to call us today for a signage strategy that goes beyond meeting information and direction needs and supports your municipality’s other goals. We’d love to discuss your project!