Creating a safe environment for workers and civilians starts with awareness. Catching passersby’s attention with eye-catching signage, warning them of potential dangers, and informing them on how to proceed will identify avoidable hazards of any site. These warning and safety signs must also meet customary laws to ensure user accessibility. At Design 4 Inc, we deliver durable, effective, and ADA-compliant signage that will keep workers and civilians informed. 

Where can I find safety signage?

Warning and safety signs can be found at public and private locations, streamlining operations by limiting surrounding risks. There are dozens of signs to choose from, and we’re here to help: 

Danger: Danger signs are required at construction sites and other potentially hazardous areas to alert civilians. They are often red and white with bold letters and clear messages. Below we have detailed the standard elements of danger signs to identify what could best suit your needs. 

  • Symbols: Universal symbols quickly warn people of danger with a single image, such as chemicals, electricity, sharp objects, or the need for safety gear. They should be consistent and intuitive to ensure speakers of any language can understand them. A common symbol is a yellow triangle, often featuring a graphic inside.  
  • Signal Words: Concise, clear instructions and warnings are most effective in enabling safety. The most common messages consist of a single word that is big, bold, and simple. You have almost certainly seen these signal words before, such as “CAUTION,” “WARNING,” or “DANGER.”
  • Messages: Signal words can be followed by smaller messages to alert people to policies and hazards. 

Non-Hazard Signs

Warnings for areas that do not pose a risk of an injury help maintain order, public health, and well-being. These signs are easy to customize with a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. Below we have listed a few standard elements of non-hazard signs for you to identify what would best suit your needs. 

  • Symbols: These signs also commonly feature triangles with graphics inside, alerting people to risks and policies like non-hazardous waste, security cameras in use, and no smoking areas. 
  • Signal Words: Typically, the word “NOTICE” is used in front of a blue background to grab people’s attention.
  • Message: Messages can include policies surrounding property damage and security and recreation center rules, such as “no trespassing” or “do not cross.”

Rules & Instructions

Instructional signage can cover both hazardous and non-hazardous situations. You can customize a design that complements your brand or choose from the standard elements listed below. 

  • Symbols: Rules and instructions typically incorporate minor characters to visualize what is prohibited and what is allowed. These can include food, people running, animals, fire, and cell phones. 
  • Signal Words: Depending on the location, these signs feature headings such as “SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS,” “POOL RULES,” “PARK RULES,” or “BEACH REGULATIONS.”
  • Message: The message following the signal word will be the list of rules users must follow to ensure the well-being of themselves and others. 

Exit Signs

Law requires that signs be placed at every exit. These signs are typically green or red, with large text to increase readability. This enables people to identify quick ways to exit a building in case of an emergency and facilitate order by streamlining such plans. 

Below we have listed a few standard elements of exit and entrance signs. 

  • Symbols: Exit signs sometimes include an arrow to guide users in the right direction. 
  • Signal Words: The only word you will need on these signs is “EXIT.” It will be the same everywhere you go. 

Laws & Regulations

There are laws in place to ensure specific sites and locations have warning and safety signs and that those signs are held to a certain standard. Depending on the spot, dangers may not always be obvious, and regulations may not be intuitive. The standards set in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ensures the hazards are apparent and directions are clear. The American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) also sets regulations in place to further enable access to all users. 

Design 4, Inc. is well-versed in these standards, and our team will incorporate them into every sign ordered. 

To learn more about these regulations, visit the official OSHA and ADA websites. 

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