Die cut signs are a unique way to convey a message. In this blog, you’ll find out exactly how to stand out!

Quick history lesson! In the mid-1800s, cobblers built their client’s shoes with old leather. This material was soft enough to craft by hand. However, only one sole at a time could be done! With the invention of the die Cutting machine, the cobbler’s entire business model changed for the better. It’s safe to say, rewards repeated within their wallets! It was out with hand-punched sole patterns and in with industrialization. Cobblers welcomed the new era with a cutting machine to die for. 

What is a die cut sign?

We use the die-cutting process to cut thin, flat materials into unique shapes. We utilize a steel cutting die that makes even small details easy to cut. This happens with a sharp steel blade to form a fun, detail-oriented shape.

Think about a cookie-cutter and how it works! Typically, die-cutting is used in the industry to create decorative patterns or shapes to use within a more significant piece.

The possibilities are endless! Choose curves, circles, squares and squiggles. As a result, no configuration is unmatchable. Expect your designs to be crisp, clean and smooth with downright perfect details.

Many industries use the process for decorative elements or functionality of a piece of art within your design. Design 4’s die-cutting repertoire includes uniquely shaped decals, magnets or license plates, and more! 

Significant projects require not just bigger machines, but experts in the craft of die-cutting as well. The experts at Design4 bring years of experience of die-cutting to the table and are equipped to walk you through the process, whether you’re beginning with a rough draft or a handmade article you wish to replicate.

Material for Best Die Cut Signs

Before the cutting process begins, Design4 experts are available to lead you through various options for your project’s material, size, luster, and more. Whether your sign belongs outdoors or inside the party, the experts at Design4 will begin by helping you choose a shape and material, such as:

  • Corrugated plastic— a great choice for political campaign signs. Available in 4mm & 10mm sizes. Corrugated plastic is versatile, cost-efficient, and a strong choice for outdoor events. 
  • Polystyrene— created with high-grade extrusion monomers and ranging in thickness, size, and shape. Polystyrene signs pop with color and are perfect for digital imaging and screen inks.
  • Rigid Vinyl— a fantastic material for high gloss calendars and menus. Other purposes for Rigid Vinyl include flyers, pamphlets, or dealership license plates.
  • Magnetic material—although magnets don’t stick to non-ferrous metals and alloys like aluminum or steel, they’re a great way to broadcast a brand on office fridges and impermanent metallic surfaces.

Reliable, quick, and cost effective!

Die-cutting machines have rightfully gathered a commercial reputation for their effectiveness. It’s possible to produce high quantities in little time with imperfections or variations between articles.

Certain types of dies are best for original materials— flatbed dies for thin materials, and rotary dies for thicker materials thicker. Of those, pliable dies give your product shape.

Got some stuff to think about? Design4 experts are glad to consult with customers on the right material for them. Those who have already planned a shape, size, and content can begin the order process online today.

A few things to know before getting started:

  • Pre-fit design by measuring out shape and size of logos and art
  • A ⅛” border both inside and out the cut line should be left to prevent bleeding into your design. 
  • Always double-check submission requirements on the Design4 website to rule out any mistakes which could delay the order process. 
  • Call us for any additional questions. That’s what we’re here for! 

No matter what your target might be – the short attention span of millennials before their off to a bigger, better idea or sprucing up a boring industry (like tax advisement) – die-cutting will help your business stand out.

Marking Departments love die cut signs!

Your marketing department will thank you for the chance to get valuable information out with a new, innovative process. Our techniques provide creative yet intricate designs to catch the attention. As a result, even the most robust markets come in hot with orders! Stay memorable with designs easy on the eyes and fun to the touch. 

We make die cut signs easy for our customers to order.Trusted for more than 30 years, Design 4 Inc. cannot wait to provide our expertise in your creative, new die-cutting projects. We know what applications work best in any situation, and our team will help to create the best solution for your dream. 

If you can imagine it, we can execute it! However, if you need help imaging, our designers can accomplish that too. Call us or email us to make your die-cutting vision a reality.