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Vinyl is a highly durable and completely weather proof material. It is not only strong and water resistant but also has the tendency to withstand the effects of extreme weather conditions. Vinyl decals are not only suitable for indoor use but are highly recommended for outdoor use as well due to their durability.

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Finishing Options

Die Cutting

Die-cutting is a process used to cut flat material into a specific shape using a steel cutting die.

Rolodex Card Die Cut House Die Cut Circle Die Cut


Laminate is an overlay on a flat surface with a layer of plastic or other protective material. Laminate can be gloss, matte, or dry erase.

Contour/Kiss Cut

Contour cutting is similar to die-cutting where the graphic is cut to make the shape of the printed image. Kiss Cuts are light surface cuts on your decal. Kiss Cuts do not cut the backing material, so the kiss cut portions peel out of the material.


Back slitting allows the user to easily & quickly get access to the back liner of the decal.  Back slits can also be strategically placed to enable partial liner removal for easier handling and positioning of the decal prior to application.

Rounded Corners

Rounding the corners can give that product just the right look and finish. We have several size options of rounding that can be provided.

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