Yard sign designs need to be simple.

Simple yard sign designs make a lasting impression. Standing out is simple when lawn sign designs are kept minimal. Simple political placards make the difference for winners. Yard signs!

Political lawn signs, especially at the local race level, are all about name recognition.  It’s a very simple concept: voters select names based on recognition; standing out is essential! From a design standpoint, it’s a pretty easy formula: spell out the name + a standard color = success!

Don’t stray from the formula.

But be careful when you stray from the formula, you run the risk of diluting the message. Staying simple allows those seeing the sign not to get distracted and to clearly understand the message of the sign.

Make a lasting impression by keeping the design simple.

While the use of photos and full-spectrum color may be appealing, they tend to get lost in the small-format of lawn signs. Even as people are driving through neighborhoods with 25-30 mph speed limits, they only have a second to view what’s on a placard. Do you remember what the last political sign you saw was? I bet you can!

Here are a few key tips:

  • Don’t bombard with information.
  • Focus on one key message.
  • Say what you need to say in fewer words.
  • Choose a last name in bold letters or a 2-3 word slogan.
  • Ask for feedback from peers when choosing your design.
  • People don’t want more, they want less.

Participating is so public.

Yard signs are most reliable during the primaries when people are looking within their political party to guide them. People who have already chosen their candidate will express themselves by sticking their sign in their front yard. If it’s yours, you’ll want to make it POP! Utilizing signs placed in the front lawn brings attention to the general population.

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