One sign that will be used dozens of times a day by every demographic is the bathroom sign. They are outside every restroom in a building, and each is held to specific ADA design standards to ensure they are accessible to all users. Design 4 has modern styles that remain compliant with ADA regulations while making a statement. 

Bathroom signs come in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials to compliment your company’s branding and decor, and you can order them as big or small as you would like to fit any space. Visitors appreciate visually appealing signs that are easy to understand.

Since the coronavirus has made public health more urgent than ever before, it is essential to clean frequently-used areas daily. Design 4 sign materials are easy to clean, creating a safe environment for your guests. Metal is a common material to use for bathroom signs, as they are made for permanent rooms and need to last a long time. Mount them on the wall, on doors, or any other available surface where they can be easily reached and sanitized. 

Signs are also often placed inside restrooms to simplify users’ experience too. They can show people where to find the nursing room, showers, locker room, family rooms, changing rooms, and other unique features. To further streamline guests’ experience, add restrooms on directories to guide them through your building. 

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