Step-and-repeat-banners for Promotional Events

Amplify the look of promotional backgrounds, trade shows, and logo backdrops!

Design 4, Inc. offers step-and-repeat banners, also called custom photo backdrops or repeating logo banners, which allow you to create a unique background using your company name and logo. Step-and-repeat banners benefit your brand and relay company information, and get rid of distracting and neutral backgrounds.

As an affordable option for promoting indoor and outdoor events, 

custom-made photo backdrop banners are perfect for highly publicized events, like conferences and award shows. Think “red carpet” events! No event is too small to give such a “big” impression.

Catch fans’ eyes with our several hanging options, including pole pockets and different banner designs, which provide a sleek appearance. These banners easily attach to walls, suspended from ceilings, and trade show displays.

Trade shows provide a superb atmosphere for step-and-repeat logo backdrop banners. For high-profile premiers, Design 4, Inc. has the most favorable choice of vinyl red carpet backdrops!

What are Ideal Applications for Step-and-Repeat Banners? 

  • Promotional events
  • VIP backdrops
  • Conferences
  • Movie premiers 
  • Entryways

What are the benefits of step-and-repeat banners?

Repeat banners or step-and-repeat banners have this name because the design utilizes repetition of your company’s logo or tagline. This type of banner instills your brand but doesn’t take away from the presentation, newsmaker, or speaker.

Key Features for Step-and-Repeat Banners

Not only are these banners easy to travel with, but they’re also simple to store, set up, and take down. They can be easily transported without creasing and tailored to a variety of measurements. We guaranteed our design planning, process, and product to be simple, effective, and precise. Did we mention that your marketing team will love that your sign can be used over and over? Yes! 

Other benefits the Marketing Team will love: 

  • Light-weight 
  • Affordable
  • Durable fabric
  • Matte finish; high resolution
  • High resolutions prints for a sharp look
  • Easy for Travel
  • Sustainable Marketing Tool; use over and over again
  • Display Easy

Options for Step-and-Repeat Banners

Whatever custom backdrop design your company is looking for, you can depend on Design 4, Inc! We pride ourselves on printing vivid, accurate graphics, logos, and color schemes. Our creative team will design the perfect step-and-repeat banner for any event. Rely on us for custom backdrop mounting and measurement suggestions.

Ready to order?

You can count on Design 4, Inc. to provide you with custom displays and signage, whether it is a one-time simple graphic or a sizable multi-print project! We are experienced at getting the job done! We can promise your project to be on a budget, on target, and beautifully printed.

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