Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, vinyl lettering is the perfect way to spruce up that boring wall. And a big plus is that you won’t have to mess with any paint.

Is vinyl lettering removable?

Yes, depending on what type of vinyl you order for your project, if down the road you want to remove the art from the wall you will be able to peel the graphic off the wall pretty easily. This is especially great for anyone renting an apartment or home, so when the time is up, you can remove it easily without damaging the paint on the wall and incuring costly wall repair.

What will vinyl lettering not stick on?

Vinyl lettering will stick to almost any smooth surface such as painted walls, mirrors or metals. But if you are looking for it to stick on a rough or uneven surface such as bricks, cinder block or stucco surfaces, the vinyl must be tested for adhesion. When applying the vinyl, make sure the area is clean of any dust or grease as this may cause it to peel off rather quickly or bubble.

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