Pole Banners Intro

Want to make an elegant, lasting impression on your business? You can do this with our striking pole banners. Often mounted to street and light poles above pedestrian sidewalks, these flexible-to-customize signs are perfect for advertising special events and exhibitions around the neighborhood. However, these pole banners, often known as avenue banners or light pole banners, can be hung high from anywhere, including giving direction, celebrating holidays, or cheering along with sports teams. In addition, custom pole banners are made to be weather-resistant with hems that will not fray in the wind.

What are custom pole banners?

As a popular marketing tactic, you’ve probably seen these hanging from street lights and poles. They can endure the climate because they’re made from a waterproof, durable material.

Clients love to hang displays along roads in vibrant colors to attract customers; usually, the graphic is assembled vertically, making it catchy and easy for drivers to read as they pass by. However, at Design 4 Inc., our light pole banners are customizable for the variety of colors you’d like.

What separates a pole banner from a standard vinyl banner is the way that it is installed. Pole banners go inside of the pole pockets, which are attached to metal rods and poles. Typically, these rods are found on street posts or light posts. However, requiring more effort, it’s possible to install street pole banners using rods on concrete column columns, if necessary. 

How do I install pole banners?

The hardware used in the installation process is two fiberglass poles, mounting brackets, steel bands, grommets. 

Deciding whether you need professional assistance comes down to the mounting brackets- are there pre-installed mounting brackets on your steel post or pole available? If there aren’t, we are happy to help! Our employees at Design 4 Inc. pride themselves on customer satisfaction, and they are thrilled to help make your banner dreams come true. So again, We are here every step of the way for questions or comments.

Two steel bands are needed to fasten each mounting bracket to the pole. Then a fiberglass or aluminum arm must be inserted into each bracket (these are what you’ll hang your banner on). To secure the arms to the bracket, you’ll often need to drive a threaded screw into each one.

Then you slide each pole pocket onto their corresponding arm until the graphics completely covers both. 

The best way to keep your banner from flying away or ripping in windy weather is to use ties through the grommets to secure it in place. You could use rope or zip ties to do this.

It’s very important to ensure that your installation is within the regulation code requirements and that you attain the proper state and local permits for the suspended signage. This varies in cities and states, so be sure to do your research to be prepared. 

Common sizes for pole banners:

Design 4 Inc. offers several sizes of custom pole banners to fit your needs. The size of the banner you order will depend on the size of the pole and how big you want your display to be. 

The standard size we offer are:







What size pockets do I need?

This depends on two factors: the length of the banner and the pole’s diameter over which the pocket will fit. The size you need requires measuring the pole you will be hanging it on or attaching it to. 

To ensure your installation meets your specific needs, please reach out to us for questions or for an in-person consultation. We want to make sure we provide you quality banners that are suitable for their intended locations.

What are they used for?

These are most commonly used for outdoor promotional purposes. 

Some things that our customers have used custom pole banners for:

  • Streets – downtown areas of towns & cities
  • Fairs/outdoor events
  • Festivals
  • Car dealerships
  • City halls
  • Libraries
  • Museum exhibits
  • Parades
  • Rodeos
  • Stadiums/sporting venues
  • Trade shows
  • Universities

How do I clean and maintain?

Like all banners, street pole banners should routinely be wiped down with warm water and soap. Avoid using chemical cleaners. Hand washes only; do not attempt to use a washing machine. Let them air dry.

Banners last longest when stored in a cool, dry location. Therefore, they should stay out of direct sunlight and avoid exposure to rain and harsh weather conditions.

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