Seniors Are Mourning Traditions, and we’ve got a list to of ways graduation signage help get their high school spirit up.

Prom is canceled. The world is out of whack. To take a museum trip, students must now resort to virtual tours, and there will be no televised Olympics to make bets on. Voting during a primary election will never look the same, and perhaps, future generations will never know what it’s like to receive snail mail.

Hopes to commemorate those four individual years of hard work and friendship shall not be lost, however. Even though the class of 2020 is separated by safe distance, they can still come together to switch those tassels from right to left and toss those caps in the air.

Here are 38 ideas for this year’s seniors to keep the tradition alive:

#1 The Senior Prank: It’s On!

Every class has its inside jokes. Let the whole world in on the fun by publishing expressions only the seniors would understand on graduation signage like lawn signs. Planting a fun-loving banner in the front of the school to prank passerby might be your ticket to graduation!

#2 Shock Your Mom With This Laundry Prank.

And by ‘laundry prank,’ we mean- surprise your mom by doing your laundry before she has the chance to!

#3 Senior Photos Never Looked Like This Before.

Selfie-style? Perhaps the uniforms for this year’s pictures are pajamas! And if so, parents would be remiss not to blow those embarrassing pictures up onto signs and post them on their front doors!

#4 Quarantine Won’t Last, But Class Rings Will.

Class rings aren’t as common as they once were. But here’s an opportunity to renew them as a physical reminder of the memories that will define those precious high school years, along with the connections that classmates will always share.

#5 Don’t Forget To Order Yearbooks.

Yearbooks are quintessential keepsakes. Although classmates can’t meet now to exchange notes in the margins; an exclusive, yearbook-signing event will be a unique way to reunite once self-isolation ends.

#6 Kick-off The Big Game.

Football games are a beloved tradition- particularly for seniors. Even though football games are canceled, seniors can host a viewing party on Zoom, and dream big together while watching the NFL draft. Purchase your school mascot and team name on a graduation signage banner.

#7 Graduation Walk.

Grab graduation signage that takes the stage. Choose a break-thru banner to say it loud and proud; not even a pandemic (or AP chemistry) can stop you from graduation!

#8 Ask Someone To Dance And Send A Corsage.

A crush doesn’t fade just because prom was canceled. Invite friends- single or in pairs- to join up on Zoom for a virtual dance, complete with dance-offs, tacky dresses, fruit punch, and of course- a crowning of the King and Queen!

#9 Or Let Everyone Be Queen!

Remember in Mean Girls how everyone got to wear the crown? Why not let everyone win this year? If classmates are still up for some friendly competition, encourage campaigning on Facebook, then start a poll to determine the winner. Let the results be announced on Youtube Live, and ask the newly crowned royals to share a few words of thanks and encouragement for classmates. 

#10 Show Off Your Letterman Jacket.

Using top-quality vinyl stickers, display school mascots and letters, Letterman-style, in the front windows of your homes and let your school spirit color the town.  Graduation signage like these help keep the memories alive for years to come!

#11 Give Back Where You Can.

Because some of the greatest lessons come not from Algebra, but from giving back to the community. Collaborate with classmates to help those in need- or organize a Seniors Helping Senior Citizens group, and help the elderly obtain groceries safely.

#12 Host A Classic High School Movie Marathon.

Pretty in Pink, anyone? The Breakfast Club? How many classic films can you think of that make you instantly reminisce? Use Facebook to poll which favorite films should be included on the playlist, then host a Movie Night for classmates on Zoom. Quickly turn a graduation signage banner backwards to repurpose a large screen!

#13 Stream A Live Concert.

Billboard is running an active list of Artists performing live on the internet for their adoring fans. From the Warped Tour in May to various solo sessions- there’s no shortage of concerts for friends to jam out together from the comfort of their own living rooms. 

#14 Finish The Race- Even If Tests Are Banned.

Many schools countrywide have responded to the stay-at-home order by suspending tests like the SAT. Just because seniors don’t have to *prove* what they’ve learned, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take pride in having learned it. Finish strong, and have no regrets!

#15 Face One Of Your Biggest Fears.

Whatever you fear, you don’t have to anymore. Knowledge is power. If there’s something that scares you, take this time to learn about it, understand it, then face it head-on.

#16 Pull An All-Nighter For The Novelty Of It.

It’s pretty easy to do when you don’t have to leave your house. If you’re feeling adventurous- you should still stay safe and keep a distance from your peers. If there’s the apple of your eye- sneak out into the backyard for a FaceTime. We’re still in quarantine, ya’ll!

#17 Read An Inspiring Book.

Some excellent recommendations to inspire any senior on the journey ahead include, “Eat, Pray, Love,” and pretty much anything by the ever-so motivating, Rachel Holis.

#18 Leave A Random Note.

Lots of Little Libraries are scattered around the United States, and there is always a mystery to be found within! If there’s a Little Library in your community, tuck an inspiring note in the pages of a book you love. After finishing a title, return it to the library to be re-discovered by someone new. 

#19 Fill Extra Time With Scrapbooking.

Social media is pretty cool and all, but there’s nothing like a real scrapbook of memories that you can hold in your hands for years to come. Nowadays, you can design your scrapbook virtually with Canva, then send a copy to friends.

#20 Witness The Sun For Once.

Seriously though, when’s the last time you sat on an empty hill and watched the sun descend below the horizon? There’s nothing like this everyday phenomenon to spark bold aspirations for the future. If you’re hosting a big event, grab a graduation signage banner to indicate the meeting spot from far away!

#21 Achieve A Goal Of Any Kind.

Whether it’s mobilizing to help those in need, teaming up to create masks, learning a new skill, reading a thick book, or creating a website to advertise your new venture, this is one heck of a time to brainstorm and innovate. It’s also an epic time to simply relax!

#22 Prepare For A New Job.

Once school is out and society has reopened, what will your next endeavor be? If you’re heading to the workforce next, take this time to build the foundation for your career with a brilliant resume, or create a visually-stunning portfolio with platforms like Wix or Squarespace.

#23 Apply For A Scholarship (Still!)

Many institutions have extended deadlines to apply for scholarships, so if you missed round 1 to apply- you still have time!

#24 Save That First Kiss.

Kissing with masks on isn’t exactly romantic- and it’s probably not helping anyone, either. But hey- there’s nothing like a proper old fashioned quarantine to build some serious tension. In the meantime, hop on Zoom for a hearty conversation, and get to know your crush for who they are inside.

#25 Embrace Band Practice.

Marching Band practice on the interwebs could certainly prove difficult- especially once cues start overlapping due to unmatched bandwidths. Things might sound a little bit jazzier than usual at first, but once the band meets IRL again, they’ll be more in-synch (and ready to ROCK) than ever before.

#26 Respect The Graduation Speech.

So long as there’s an audience, a Valedictorian can give their speech! This person has put blood, sweat, and tears into earning the top spot in the class, and they deserve to be honored. Show your class leader some love by inviting them to speak to the whole class on Facebook Live. 

#27 Create A Commemorative Playlist.

Cruise on over to 8tracks or use Spotify to create a playlist with notable songs from every year you spent together with classmates, or challenge friends to come up with a playlist that best represents your friendship over the years.

#28 Make A Fancy Dinner For Your Family.

Not everyone enjoys being cooped up with their family all the time, but it’s a wonderful time to let some walls down and thank those folks who’ve supported you all the way to graduation day and beyond.

#29 Apply For College or Technical School, Or Join A WWOOF Volunteer Program.

There’s all the time in the world now to research the path that you desire in life. Spend some quality time looking into colleges, technical schools, or volunteer programs abroad. Create an excel sheet to keep track of applications and activate your dreams.

#30 Find a Penpal Who Shares Your Unique Interest.

Social media is thick with groups for every niche imaginable. Whatever you are into, or whatever you want to learn about it- you’re likely to find some great resources on Facebook. Connect with a new friend virtually, and swap insights into your shared interest.

#31 Create A Relatable Tik-Tok About Life During Covid-19 And Duel With Friends.

Next time you discover something ironic, laughable, or relatable about these unique circumstances we’re living in, turn it into a Viral TikTok video. Ask friends to boost views and get in on the fun by dueling your video, or challenging you to duel theirs.

#32 Invest In A Lifetime Charity.

They say if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. If everyone devoted a lifetime of effort to a unique cause of their choice, the needy would stand up taller, and the world would sparkle brighter.

#33 Write Letters To Your Friends Via Snail Mail.

The future of the Postal Service is currently uncertain, but if lost, so too will we forget an essential piece of American heritage. Support post offices by sending snail mail to friends. Even better- use a quail pen and pretend we live in Victorian times. Kinda feels like it, right?

#34 Plant A Time Capsule For The Far Future.

Though it might feel like it; this period won’t last forever. Someday, hundreds or thousands of years from now, some strange human (or alien) will dig up your time-capsule and uncover an incredible glimpse at life during a plague in the ancient year of 2020.

#35 Go All Out For Spirit Week.

Everyone loves Spirit Week festivities. Most spirit weeks include themed dress-up days- and although friends don’t get to compare costumes in person, they can still share their craziest themed outfits on social media and vote on whose is best. There are no rules now!

#36 Take Long Walks, Unplugged.

If you never appreciated being outdoors before, one can bet you’re craving it now. National parks are closed due to the stay-at-home order, but there’s likely plenty of outdoor exploring to do near you. Mother Earth is thriving now that everyone is staying indoors. Unplug your headphones, and take a walk with nature as the soundtrack. 

#37 Make Amends With Someone You Hate.

Take a look around the world- life is too short to hang on to past qualms. Bury the hatchet. Be the bigger person.

#38 Throw A Virtual Slumber Party For Your Besties.

Download HouseParty and battle your friends in Charades and Trivia while slinging back coca-colas, wearing face masks, playing truth or dare, and taking bets on who will sleep, and who will stay awake till daybreak!

Go Ahead: Graduate!

You may have seen this video where robots accepted diplomas for seniors, who viewed their graduation ceremony virtually. Though not everyone has access to robots, with Zoom, it is just as possible to bring teachers, administrators, and students together for a personal and inspiring graduation.

There’s no doubt about it; the Class of 2020 will have had one of the unique senior year experiences in history. Rather than letting the disappointment of canceled events spoil this critical milestone, however, make it fuel the future of your desire. We can help with all of your graduation signage needs. Give us a call!