Banners and outfits have something in common: accessories are necessary to complete both. What do we mean by accessories for banners? Basically, anything that is added after your banner is printed and trimmed, so finishings can be added to make the edges more sturdy, or grommets to aid in displaying the banner. Most sign shops will provide this service, but there are a few DIY options.

Be sure to consider the environment of the banner installation as the most crucial factor when choosing accessories. Will the banner be outside, indoors, in a high wind area, etc. Try to picture these solutions standing up to the environmental factors they will fight in.

Finishing Edges

Banners made from sturdy PVC material are either calendared or cast in a mold; both are great options depending on your budget. Because of the process, the PVC material goes though to create banner vinyl; edges can appear frayed or fringy. Reinforcing a banner has a similar effect to hemming clothing, only vinyl is much slower to fray, depending on weather conditions.

There are two major finishing options, sewing or using banner tape. Sewing is more expensive but also allows for sturdier hanging options, such as slipping on to a pole. Banner tape works well for short-term, indoor projects.

Installation Accessories

If you are planning on hanging a banner on the rope, or by zip-tie, you will need to either incorporate grommets or alternatives, such as BannerUps. Depending on the pattern on the banner, the choice can provide a way to hang the banner without placing a permanent hole anywhere on the banner. Retailers who have not chosen a location may offer hanging kits in case of a more flexible hanging option for the placement of the banner.

Easy Transportation and Storage Options

Retractable banners are popular for trade shows and other pop-up occasions. Banner stands are great for indoor use and provide a display option in an easily transportable container.

Knowing your options and where the banner will be displayed will help you to decide how to accessorize a banner. If you have any finishing or accessory questions, we are more than happy to help. Send an email to or call (402) 339-6856 to chat with our team and pick the right accessories!