Motivation Signage

How to Inspire Employees with Signs and Banners

Many visual aesthetics can improve the productivity of your employees. Research proves that design has the power to improve productivity, work rate, health, and well-being.

Implementing some of these design changes can be costly, but there are options to keep costs down and spirits up.

Along with paint colors, and decor, signs, and graphics can positively or negatively affect a person’s attitude, thus affecting their work.

 Knowing this, here are some helpful hints and ways to change the workplace to increase productivity.

Employees are Important Sales Assets

Having signs around the workplace, including your products and services, can be a helpful reminder of everything your company has to offer.

Every employee at a company has the potential to refer to a sale. Reminding workers, especially those not involved in the ins-and-outs of product specifications, can be your most prominent advocate.

Motivate with Positive Messaging and Artwork

While some might find a wall calendar to be old-fashioned or outdated, we have all seen a motivational-image schedule at some point in our professional tenure.

Did you know that, according to a recent survey, 82 percent of employees said that art is critical in the work environment? Pairing a beautiful photo with a positive message is a great way to incorporate art and boost motivation.

Words can be turned into creative, inspiring artwork too. Think of your favorite quote that inspires your work.

Sign shops with graphic designers can help you become that quote, no matter how short or long, into something visually appealing.

Ask employees what their favorite inspirational quotes are and surprise them with motivational wall decor.

Banners are an excellent option for printing and displaying motivational art. Polystyrene is a lightweight material that can show vibrant vinyl applications but is also light enough to be supported without putting any nails in walls if your building has strict restrictions on permanent décor. If you want a more modern look, try printing on metal.

The Power of Mantras

Many prominent business decisions are made every day. Most companies make decisions based on morals and beliefs that guide anything from small to significant changes.

Having a mantra and displaying that mantra with signs inside company walls reminds everyone to be mindful of the bigger picture. Office magnets, stickers, banners, and more can be fun reminders of what your company’s mission is while serving a purpose to be a reminder.

Transform a Space with Landscape Scenes

If your office space lacks windows and natural light, and it’s either physically impossible to build windows into your floor plan, or it’s not in your budget, there are plenty of graphical alternatives to fake the look of a view outdoors.

Whether you work with a photographer to bring the landscape of your surrounding area indoors, or you have found the perfect stock photo that transforms your workspace to a tropical location, a little bit of creativity and skillful application can achieve your dream.

The most popular option to carry out an outdoor vision is to print the landscape on wall vinyl and apply it to walls where the desired windows would be. Similarly, landscape artwork could be printed on canvas and can be framed to match other permanent fixtures of your office space.

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