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Contour cut vinyl decals.

With thousands of choices, it can be challenging to narrow down which vinyl will work for different applications. In this blog, we will discuss four key factors to narrow the selection process down to something more manageable.


The tack factor is the most important in determining which vinyl should be used for the job. If the surface is located outside or in a place with temperature or humidity variances, something with a high-tack will be needed.

 If the application is meant to be more of a temporary fixture, consider a low-tack option to save money and headache when it comes to the removal.


Consider how long your application will be applied and its removal. Some vinyl is meant to last the elements for 5-10 years. Even if the stickiest plastic were the most affordable solution, it wouldn’t make sense to use it in situations where you want to preserve the integrity of the surface it’s on, especially if the vinyl application is changed out on a semi-regular basis.

Pro tip: If you have any existing residue from an old project on any surface, there are solutions explicitly made to address this. Let us know if you are interested in learning more.


Consider your application surface and the nuances of placing something sticky on top. If you are applying the vinyl to any curved or uneven surfaces, you will need to use something with the ability to conform or stretch for a long-lasting, professional application.

With the assistance of a bit of heat, vinyl can be stretched slightly to follow the lines of the surface you are covering correctly.


Along with vinyl that comes in predetermined colors and finishes, there are thousands of custom combinations available to achieve particular looks. Roll-to-roll and flatbed printers have significantly advanced the ability to create custom looks.

Will your finished product require a printed graphic, or can the effect be achieved with the vinyl as-is? Some glossy finishes are nearly impossible to print on, while others might appear to be a challenge, but are surprisingly easy to print.

If you are looking for a glossy or matte finish, consider printing on a plain vinyl, then applying a lamination over the graphic. If you see a vinyl that has texture, digital printers are likely able to print clearly on surfaces, unlike most inkjet printers.

Considering tackiness, removability, conformability, and finish when shopping for vinyl will help the durability and design of your next vinyl project.

Design 4 Inc. has been in business for over 25 years and has worked with every vinyl imaginable. We know what applications work best in any situation, and our team will help to create the best solution for your dream.

 If you can imagine it, we can execute it! Or if you need help imagining, our designers can accomplish that too. Call us or email us to help make your vinyl vision a reality.

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