Imagine you are walking into a building for the first time. You are attending a meeting and need to find the specific room it will be held in. What would be your first course of action? 

In this situation, you would immediately look for a directory. These signs are sought out in hotels, hospitals, commercial complexes, and government offices alike. Adding navigation signage to your entrance and hallways will help both first-time and repeat visitors find their way around, improve order, and improve people’s experience. Directories can also be used outside, including maps and other graphics to help visitors visualize where they are going. 

Design 4 has produced directories diverse in style, and our team is skilled in simplifying the navigation process for first-time visitors in any environment. With our fully customizable designs, your directories will promote your brand identity and complement your space. 


Directories can incorporate a combination of elements depending on the context. Each element should be fully functional and visual appealing. Choose from those listed below to fit your unique needs. 

Navigation: One feature that every directory incorporates is a streamlined list of destinations that users can quickly identify. This could be specific offices and departments, bathrooms, elevators, exhibits, exits, and countless other locations. 

Customize these lists with Design 4’s full-spectrum color palette to match your brand, large fonts, and easy-to-clean materials.

Map: Maps are commonly used at campuses and outdoor recreation centers, such as parks and zoos. These help users visualize where they are and where they need to go, further enhancing their experience. 

Symbols: Directories almost always include arrows to point users in the right direction. Additional symbols can help people identify bathrooms, elevators, and exits more easily, and incorporating logos will reinforce your brand. 

Learn more about how to make your business more accessible at the official ADA website.

More: Additional customizations to size, frames, materials, and shapes can be made to fit your vision. Our materials and techniques ensure a sign your business will be able to use for years to come. 


Indoor directories are typically mounted on walls near entrances and elevators or freestanding in open spaces. When outside, they can be placed strategically throughout the grounds to make them easy to find. Design 4 can help you identify where your directories would be best placed.

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