It’s easier to market with signs that are effortless to transport. Investing in one that can also be updated ensures relevancy and enables long-term use.  

A-frame wayfinding signs, also known as sidewalk or folding signs, are freestanding and used both indoors and outdoors. Since the start of the coronavirus, you have likely seen them more often at restaurants to inform customers of pick-up and delivery options. They are also commonly used to list daily specials. Since they are placed on the sidewalk, they are visible to all passersby. 

These wayfinding signs are not exclusively used at restaurants. They can also be used at other locations to guide users through parking lots, sporting events, and conventions alike, maintaining flow in crowded areas. They are affordable options for any location, usually featuring simple or minimalistic designs to improve readability to communicate directions. 


The advantages of investing in an A-frame wayfinding sign make them a popular choice for all businesses and events. 


A-frame wayfinding signs can be utilized in almost any context, and messages are easily changed after purchase to keep them up-to-date. You can adjust them to suit your needs depending on the season, recent news, special events, and business developments. Design 4 signs also have marker boards you can use for quick or frequent changes. 


These signs work with any budget. A one-time purchase will obtain a product you can repeatedly use in various locations. Design 4’s high-quality materials ensure your purchase will last in harsh conditions, surviving rain and snow, falls, and everyday wear and tear.  


A-frame wayfinding signs are amongst the easiest to transport. Alternatively called folding signs, they can fold up like a sandwich to be stored in tight spaces or placed in cars. Upon arrival, you can simply set up your sign by unfolding it again and placing it wherever you want. They are light and include handles so anyone can effortlessly carry them from one place to another. 

Customization Options

Design 4, Inc. has the tools and the knowledge to create a sign to meet any request. Our goal is to bring your vision to life and deliver a sign you can use repeatedly. Below are popular customizations that can be utilized to design your A-frame wayfinding sign. 


Polycoat signs are lightweight and weather-resistant, making them a popular choice for placement in and outdoors. They will be the easiest to transport and will remain in good condition year-round. 


Design 4 also offers aluminum and stainless steel options for high-risk environments where signs are more likely to be hit, scratched, or dented. They remain easy to transport and will protect your message from damage.  

Digital Prints

You can grab people’s attention by complement people’s combinations, minimalistic or unique designs, and high-quality graphics that reflect your brand. Design 4 has a 100% customizable color palette for any graphics, logos, or designs you would like incorporated. 

To learn more about our different customization options, visit our Services page and read about printing, graphic design, and routing. 

Contact Us

Scheduling a consultation with Design 4, Inc. to discuss your needs is easy. Tell us what services you are interested in on our Contact Us page, and we will coordinate a time to design your 100% customizable signage. Our selection of ADA-compliant features ensures you will have a durable design that complements your brand, and visitors can use it for years to come. 

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