Creating marketing content for your lawn care or landscaping services can feel like navigating a labyrinth of communication channels. Staying engaged with your previous customers while also generating new leads demands more time and attention than most would think. Maintenance and landscaping signage offers an affordable solution that targets both groups simultaneously. 

Benefits of Signage in Lawn Care & Landscaping Industries:

  • Spark Conversation – When signage is utilized properly, it can spark a conversation that travels and reaches prospects you might not be able to engage with otherwise. Studies have shown that word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to generate more leads, sales, and customers. This way, a single advertisement can make its way through multiple circles after just a single person decides to talk about it. 
  • Personalization – Not only can you personalize signs to promote your brand, but you can personalize the message to your audience. When advertisements are personalized to a specific person or demographic, people feel like they’re more in control. Use signs to connect with your audience by referencing concerns locals can relate to and providing solutions. Give customers even more control by offering bumper stickers that they can place anywhere they’d like. 
  • Social Proof and Authority – Trust plays a huge role in a customer’s decision to choose your business over others. When they see real evidence of people in their community liking your service, their likelihood of working with you skyrockets, this can be achieved through yard signs in front of satisfied customers’ houses, bumper stickers on their cars, and banners at public events.

Other Marketing Ideas:

  • Marketing Emails – For lawn care businesses, just before Spring is the ideal time to remind previous customers of their positive experiences with you. The season for yard maintenance is upon homeowners, and keeping your current customers is just as important as finding new ones. Send them a quick email to stay engaged and update them on any changes or discounts.
  • Stay Active on Social Media – Reach leads where they spend the most time. Build a personable brand to connect with your audience, create educational content to establish credibility, and advertise special events or discounts that people might want to know about. In a time where social interaction happens just as much online as it does off, engaging with prospects on social media is essential to growth.  
  • Cross-Promotion – Work with other businesses to help each other reach your goals. This is a free marketing strategy to generate leads in new demographics at new locations. An easy way to do this is by handing out business cards or free gifts. With just a few connections, you’ll have created a marketing network without spending a penny. 
  • Sponsor Local Events – When you are involved in your community, your community will be involved with you. To be a sponsor, you can either offer your support financially or by providing a product or service. This builds a positive reputation for your brand and increases exposure. Interact with leads one-on-one at these events to garner close relationships in your community. 

With the right combination of signage and other marketing strategies, you can create an environment of connections that spreads the word of your services for you; sometimes, the simplest option is the most effective. 

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