When seeking to grab the attention of passersby with a sign, customizing different characteristics like color, size, and shape are often the first taken into consideration. While these elements are essential to elevating a design, additional techniques are unique to specific products that can make a sign stand out even more.

Standoff signs do this by creating a 3D effect; they are mounted with bolts that extend forward to create space between the sign and wall. This effect makes them stand out, literally and figuratively. They are affordable options that add an element of professionalism to any environment. 

How to use Stand Off Signs?

The 3D presentation of standoff signs attracts your message, making it ideal to use in any location with heavy foot traffic. Whether you are advertising your brand, directing visitors through an area, or enhancing the decor in your facility, people will instantly be drawn to a design that physically emerges from the wall.

Design 4 can work with various materials to create your standoff sign, cut into any shape, printed any color, and mounted it to any rigid surface. 

Use this technique to display:

  • Directories
  • Artwork
  • Awards
  • Office numbers
  • Certificate
  • Publications
  • Maps
  • Photography
  • Name signs

With the extra space between the wall and sign, standoffs are commonly backlit or layered as well. This is an excellent opportunity to light up your sign with your brand colors, make it visible during the night, or add some depth.

Design 4 Inc. offers rounded edges on all signs, so when passersby walk too close to your display, they will not be harmed by sharp corners. 

Where to Mount Your Sign:

The number of places you can mount your sign is endless. Below are a few ideas for you to consider when choosing where to put your sign. 


The most common place to mount standoff signs inside and out is a wall. As long as the surface is rigid, the bolts will be secure. This can include drywall, concrete, and bricks.


Standoffs can also be bolted to tabletop surfaces, like a desk, side table, or shelf. This technique is ideal for mounting small displays, such as photos.

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