When visitors are in your building, you can trap them in your elevator with eye-catching signage! Please take advantage of when they are in a small space with nothing to do to give them something to look at that benefits you. Choose Design 4 for vinyl elevator graphics that will enhance your room and deliver critical information. 


Design 4 graphics can be placed anywhere in the elevator; on the walls, doors, ceiling, and floor. Put them on the wall surrounding the elevator entrance as well or in front with our standing signage. Use all available space to deliver your messages and make space feel more open, informative, and inviting.

Information & Promotions

Give guests something to look at while they are waiting in the elevator. Share schedules, policies, exciting news, or information on your operations and practices. For one minute at the most, they will have nothing to occupy their time; present your message now. 


Place maps or directories of your facility inside or out of the elevator. You can also use floor graphics to show people where to stand as they wait. 


Make every space unique with colorful graphics to enhance the environment and the mood. Visitors and employees will feel happier with attractive and immersive surroundings, boosting the mood of everyone. 

Take your space to the next level with Design 4 elevator wraps. Cover the entire area in graphics from top to bottom to create an immersive experience. They can also be applied to the outer doors as skin. Our team will work with you to design a fun space for visitors and employees in any elevator of your choice. 


If your elevator is out of order, the appropriate signage is required to keep people safe. Ensure everyone is informed on the status of the elevator and direct them to an alternative, whether that be a different elevator or a flight of stairs. Bring their attention to other relevant safety hazards as well to stay in compliance with laws and regulations. Design 4 will help you find the appropriate solution to ensure the well-being of everyone. 

Social Distancing

Maintain social distancing with a passenger limit in each elevator. You can refer to the CDC official website to determine an appropriate limit based on the size of your elevator or consult with our team of experts.

Contact Us

Scheduling a consultation with Design 4 to discuss your needs is easy. Tell us what services you are interested in on our Contact Us page, and we will coordinate a time to design your 100% customizable signage. Our selection of ADA-compliant features ensures you will have a durable design that complements your brand, and visitors can use it for years to come. 

Call Design 4 at (402) 339-6856 for more information.

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