Anyone who has walked the campaign trail knows that while campaign signs have the potential to be an extraordinary tool, they are useless if not primed by an acute strategy. Rash decisions at the print press could tank your campaign’s budget with little positive effect on voter turnout. Before placing your campaign sign order, it’s important to call your favorite signmakers in advance and size up the operation. 

A velvet banner on every front lawn nationwide is idealistic, but it’s neither sustainable nor will it weather the storm. Keep in mind that when it comes to political campaign signs, the best quality comes from prioritizing quantity for every circumstance. Consider a poly-coat yard sign with a design that is simple and concise which is cost efficient and leaves space in the budget for celebration champaign! 

Turn Grey State Voters with Strategic Sign Placement

Whether or not the results come in your favor, the election’s outcome is cruelly black and white. Leading up to election day, a strategic move is to focus on grey states wherein unsure voters are key to campaign victory. Only after grey state voters are positively identified can they be turned into proud partisans.

Assess your sign demand by moving a standard bulk order initially. It’s important to target the grey state population first, then provide sparingly for the rest of the nation. Although covering every lawn is ideal, it is beneficial to take an inventory of geographical partisanship before placing your order. This strategy helps to avoid wasted stockpiles of signs once the leader is elected.

Go Where the Campaign Signs Are

And follow the rules wherever you go. Running a sign campaign comes with rules and regulations, such as disclaiming the campaign beneficiary. Local ordinances in canvassed towns vary, but typically require the removal of political campaign signs within ten days of the election. Just as it takes the labor of volunteers to canvass the town, manpower must be spent for punctual sign removal.

For the purpose of conserving time and resources from sign-up to sign-down, it’s wise to canvass towns along the campaign trail itself, where eager partisans in large quantities are already willing to jump in for the sign removal. It’s along that trail the politicians themselves appear, putting a face to the name recognized on lawn signs across town.

Harness Trends in Political Campaign Signs

T-shirts, hats, and banners are a staple in any campaign, but a recent trend in lawn signs takes advantage of an ordinance loophole for uniquely shaped signs such as flags. A memorable example of this tactic were Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign red flags, which circumnavigated ordinances for swift post-election removal, and were only required to be securely placed.

Exceptions to local and nationwide ordinances vary, but investigating loophole options could provide an opportunity for strategic campaigners to trademark a legacy. While local ordinances may prevent campaigners from leaving standard 18 x 24 inch signs up; all it takes is a little creativity to outmaneuver the rules and distinguish a leader by their revolutionary sign strategy.

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