Fabric Banners : Lux Signage Made Easy

What are fabric banners?  Made from stunning polyester/satin blend, fabric banners make luxurious signage that does not wrinkle. Almost exclusively for indoor use, fabric banners make excellent choices for churches, retail stores, and event center signage. As our soft textured yet aesthetically sophisticated banners are lightweight, easy-to-install, and can withstand years of indoor use. Cloth […] See More

June 28, 2021

Economy Banners: Affordable Option without Risking Quality

What are Economy Banners? When you need something at a low cost with delivery at lightning speed, economy banners might be the ticket—the 13 oz. The scrim vinyl is weather-resistant, making it an excellent option for indoor and outdoor use at an affordable price. How so? We print the cheap vinyl banners on a white […] See More

June 15, 2021

Banner Stands Make a Mark at Trade Shows & Events

Want a custom display to promote your business at an event? Enhance your presence at your next trade show by using a high-quality banner and banner stand from Design 4 Inc! Specialized for events, our standing banners are easy to transport. It only takes a minute to attach the banner to them, making them perfect […] See More

May 28, 2021

Our (Oversized) New Toy: Taking Your Business Further

You name it, we can probably print it. Now, even bigger! Design4 is pleased to announce the addition of a new printer. Now… it’s not an ordinary piece of equipment. It’s bigger and you should be excited!  This large format UV-LED flatbed printer will help take your business further than ever. Enjoy an increase of […] See More

February 21, 2020

Reliable Partner for Our Clients

Design 4 Inc. strives to be the reliable partner our clients turn to for all their graphics needs. We bring our clients’ ideas to life in with great graphics and prints. But you’ll find more than just great printing with Design 4, we can help you with designing, finishing, and installation needs as well. We […] See More

December 28, 2016

Color Combinations to Make Your Sign Stand Out

Sign color combinations are critical. And contrast is an essential element in to sign legibility. You would think this is a no brainer, but sometimes that seem to differ. Along side the road, we’ve seen color combinations of black and blue and orange and yellow. We don’t ever really see the message. It’s lost in […] See More

March 24, 2016

Custom Shaped Signs Available in Sports Theme

Cheer on your team with custom shaped signs. Sponsors love the recognition and your athlete feels proud to be apart of the team! Go team, go! Design 4 had the pleasure of helping several sports organizations recognize their sponsors and teams this summer. Not only did we print banners, but we also had signs of […] See More

August 25, 2015