Together we experience a new normal in our shopping, appointments, and public outing lives. From home improvement stores, grocery shops, doctors’ offices, and the like, Coronavirus related signage are all around us.

New normal signage, safety precautions.

Design 4 Inc. offers designs to help ensure social and physical distancing, from way-finding instructions to 6′ apart floor graphics to now open signs that will help jumpstart your business into action while managing customers’ and employees’ safety.

As America starts to open back up across the nation, it’s likely that the need for these types of graphics below will only begin to be in higher demand. From non-essential retailers to dentist offices and hospitals and commercial office buildings, allow us to support your needs by acting as a resource of information and a one-stop-shop for your new standard solutions during
these trying times.

What ‘new normal’ solutions can we offer to you?

  • Social distancing Floor Graphics show your customers where to stand when it comes to staying safe with customizable phrases like “please keep 6′ apart.”
  • Clear Plexiglass Sneeze Guard to keep germs away by minimizing cross-contamination from one another, typically acrylic and available in different sizes. Maintain workplace and public space cleanliness while protecting products with this physical barrier.
  • Window Graphics help patrons navigate your new policies while reminding them how to stay safe with these customizable phrases below. Made from durable and lightweight material; easy to stick on and move about most surfaces.
    • Thank you for practicing social distancing.
    • Maintain 6 feet apart.
    • Please, wash your hands!
    • No mask, no service.
    • Enter / Exit here.

How are you keeping your company and employees safe? Give us a call at 402-339-6856.

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