Trust, reputation, representation in the community; it takes a lot to convince someone to buy a car. A salesman has the task of not only selling the brand of the vehicle but the brand of the dealership. That’s why both the vehicle and the dealership’s reputation must be presented with authentic and durable advertising.

Luckily, Design 4 Inc. Inc. knows how to help attract the right clientele to cars moving off the lot with these services:

  • Graphic Design. Creative, experienced and original. In-house graphic designers are ready to help you make the right choice to step-up and streamline your signage to sell more cars.
  • Ready installment. Furthermore, should you ever need assistance installing your design project, we have a team of installers ready to assist.
  • Partial Wraps. Needing to partially wrap a lot of vehicles or add a little extra to a client’s new ride? Our partial car wraps are worth revving your engine for.
  • Temporary and Permanent License Plates. Equipped with a CNC router and flatbed cutter, the team is ready to cut everything from vinyl, plastic, aluminum, and more.
  • Numbers in the Windows. Signify fresh-on-the-lot-vehicles with numbered vinyl stickers. Choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and images to stand out when a customer needs to know fast information such as year or pricing.
  • Matching Services. Ready to switch sign company, but love your current stickers? Give us a call for matching services.
  • Direct Traffic with Parking Lot Signage. Keep your parking lot organized with aluminum and vinyl signs:
    • Welcome – No sign too big to let new an potential client’s know where you are
    • Exit – Make your clients feel appreciated with a “Thank you for your business” or “See you next time!” sign.
    • Trucks This Way – Which vehicle do you need? Specialized signs can help keep clients organized.
  • No project is too large. Exterior metal signs should be fit for the weather; we provide both proper cutting equipment and knowledge of each material’s durability— no matter the weather.
  • Banners Make the Surprise Celebration Complete. Buying a car is a major accomplishment worthy of celebration and frequently a surprise. Whether clients arrive at the dealership to purchase a vehicle for themselves or as a gift for a loved one, we have all the tools necessary to make the experience of buying and giving a car memorable.
  • ‘Flag down’ with Finishing Touches. Flags and banners are customary around dealerships and make exploring a dealership enjoyable for parents or even their antsy children. Fly your state flag, sports team or dealership logo.
  • Bumper Stickers and Magnets Brand Dealerships Easily. One of those staples amongst both car owners and dealerships alike are bumper stickers. There’s always a fresh way to use bumper stickers to promote your dealership’s services. Unique offer bumper stickers may be applied to cars on the lot while bumper stickers promoting the dealership may be shared with clients and proud colleagues.
  • Make it Magnetic. “Where did you get your car from?” Referrals are key, and magnets can help bring in new business. Slip a few customized magnets in their take-home packet to keep the referrals rollin in.

Regardless of the project, we are committed to excellence and consistency in craft and takes careful measures to ensure that their client’s hard work is given justice through detailed customization and cutting.

Ready to create a lasting impression with you clients with banners, magnets and bumper stickers? Give us a call or email for your signage needs, especially when creating PR material for the dealership.

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