If something is not broken, why try to fix it? Those are the rules! Political yard signs prove worth throughout history as successful marketing tools. No mater what size!

Political yard sign

Whether you are a real estate agent, homeowner advertising a yard sale, or a citizen running for office, political yard signs have a fantastic way of getting the word out. Our plastic services will help make your vision into reality.

Political Yard Signs are the best kept secret for politicians.

Mel Kahn, who is a political scientist, has stated that campaign yard signs help build name recognition. With each sign, it increases name recognition by 6 to 10 voters. The main thing candidates need to do is improve their name recognition, and election yard signs are a great way to do it. It’s only the best!

Typically candidates running for President do not need the recognition of custom political yard signs with all the media coverage. Still, when then-Senator Barack Obama ran for President, he was not a top tier candidate, and most did not know who he was, so placards were used successfully in his campaign. Simple: cheap political signs help win legislative races! Don’t scratch your head on where to buy political yard signs! CLICK HERE for a free quote.

FAQ: How big are political yard signs? Standard custom signs are 12″ x 18″ in size. 

Homes ‘fly’ off the market.

The same goes for real estate agents, even though 90% of people find home listings online nowadays, they are still remarkably useful if you happen to be driving by a house with a for a sale yard sign. It piques the drivers’ interest, and either they call the number listed, or once they see the sign, they break out the smartphone and put the address in a GPS.

One man’s junk, is another mans’ treasure.

There are so many different treasures to be found at a yard sale. Think back to how grazers knew about the said event before technology? Think about how grazers find deals in today’s time? It’s highly likely due to the posted yard sale sign on the corner of the street. You do not have to have a marketing degree to figure out this strategy for future sales!

Where do I get a political yard sign?

As you can see, yard signs work and will do so for quite some time. Do you have a sign that you need to be printed? CLICK HERE for a free quote. Someone from our team will be reaching out to you shortly. Also, follow us on Facebook for more updates!

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